Residents’ Lockdown views

Date Posted : May 6th, 2020

Here at the almshouses, we have been talking about positive aspects of the lockdown-if any.

Most residents said they will miss the quietness, lack of traffic and louder birdsong when it’s over.

Here are some additional comments:

“I have learned new hobbies and developed new disciplines, which I hope to continue after the lockdown”

“not such a busy lifestyle, more time learning to cook!

“I have learnt so much about IT now which, as an older person I would not have done otherwise. This will be useful when things return to normal”

“I will miss the lack of materialism and people not buying things they don’t need”

“The best for me is the spirit of co-operation and warmth of friendship between us, and in particular the Sunday morning hymns in Stilles/Willes garden with music played  by one of the residents

“it has motivated people to be kind to their neighbours”

“ I will miss going for a quiet walk once a day”

“More (safe) contact with my neighbours, it’s nice to know that there are people around you who care about you.”

This conversation proved to be very thought-provoking and we thank our residents for participating

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